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Product Details:
Place of Origin: ShenZhen
Brand Name: BYH
Certification: CE RoHS FCC
Model Number: BYH-BC01
Type: Smart product
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Packaging Details: gift box,
Delivery Time: 1-2 days for simple,7-15 days for Bulk orders
Payment Terms: T/T,PayPal
Supply Ability: 25000PCS/mouth
Item BYH-BC01 
Weight 1.3kg
Material Toughened glass + PC plasti
Power on/off On boot automatically, without using 20 seconds to turn it off
Range 2.5Kg-150Kg
Display 73*28mm LCD , App
Alarm overload , power shortage
System Android + IOS
Battery Two 7th battery
Connection Bluetooth 4.0




1.Easy to connect

After connecting with your smart phone via Bluetooth 4.0, Swan will immediately transfer the data to the App,

a gentle and pleasant experience.

2. Good feature, made in China

The APP,  which is connected with the smart phone, not only shows the weight, 

but also calculates the BMI value and health status automatically according to the height you provide. Record your 

feature and pay attention to your body day by day.

 3. What is BMI.

10kg,3kg  digital weighing scale With LED Display


BMI is the international common method to measure the human bodys fat and health status nowadays.

 feature and pay attention to your body day by day.

 Underweight:lower than 18.5 Normal:18.5-24.99 Overweight:25-28 Obesity:28-32 Severe: higher than 32

4. Room Temperature Measurement

Different from the general weight scales, Swan has a built-in temperature probe, when you stand on Swan, the room temperature information is presented on the APP at the same time, which provides the reference for wearing.

10kg,3kg  digital weighing scale With LED Display

5. Family & Share

Easy 4 steps, you can weigh a baby, also a watermelon for sure.

Step1: turn on Holding-Baby Mode Step2: weigh yourself Step3:weigh yourself and your baby
Step4: get the reading

6.Longer battery life

A new SOC integration solution offers Swan lower power consumption and the signal effective radius of 15 meters, battery life is upgraded by 50% or more 


7. After pre cut processing, accurate 700℃ heating for 240 seconds, rapid and uniform cooling, the 6mm original glass obtained an impact strength which is 5 times harder. The glass will fall apart with obtuse particles even being subjected to the external damage, barely does harm. Four corners are cut into 25mm fillets, the front and back are processed with 45°inclined frosting, feels comfortable, also prevents accidental touch which may cause lacerations. Swan uses 22mm ultra-thin design, 4 G-sensors are away from the edge by only 14mm, smart enough to prevent rollover effectively.

8. Smart phones support

Android 4.3 and above support

9. Material and Technology

Accurate Reaction. Swan uses the super large integrated molding sensor, the surface is larger than the general by 50% which provides elasticity and sensitivity to insure more than 100000 usage times. 

10kg,3kg  digital weighing scale With LED Display




When first use or transposition, the reading of the weight may contain the machine itself, please wait for the automatic shutdown for a normal weighing again.Ground factor, please put Swan onto a flat and hard surface, uneven or soft surface and will lead to errors.Standing posture and center of gravity. Please try to stand in the center, do not bend your knees, sit or shake when weighing.Diet, exercise, toilet use may cause deviation of the actual weight, daily fixed time (morning) weighing is recommended.


10kg,3kg digital weighing scale With LED Display10kg,3kg digital weighing scale With LED Display10kg,3kg digital weighing scale With LED Display10kg,3kg digital weighing scale With LED Display10kg,3kg digital weighing scale With LED Display10kg,3kg digital weighing scale With LED Display

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